After extensive numerical studies and successful comparisons to experiments in Bridgman, Czochralski, HEM and sublimation, Silicom has decided to select Elmer as a main open-source tool in crystal growth.

Elmer has proven to produce reliable numerical results in cases including 2D (axi-symmetric)/3D geometries and coupled steady/transient heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation (both opaque and transparent)), fluid flow (gas and melt flow), magnetic field (cusp and transversal), and species transportation.

Silicom has also compared Elmer with commercially available software like CFD-ACE+, CGSim and COMSOL MultiPhysics.

Elmer is developed by CSC-IT Center for Science in Finland. Elmer includes physical models for fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, electro-magnetics, heat transfer and acoustics. The models are described by partial differential equations and solved with finite element method. The first release of Elmer as an open-source software took place in 2005. Further information on Elmer can be found at

Figure: Comparison between Elmer and CGSim software