What we do?

Silicom offers a most unique concept of bringing combined hands-on design and simulation expertise to its customer projects. We have a proven track record of significant innovations and process enhancements that are utilized in 100 crystal growth furnaces. The innovations and enhancements are based on extensive expertise in mechanical design and problem solving, including hot-zone and component designs for different generation furnaces (e.g., 16-36” in CZ). We have a long-term (more than 30 years) hands-on experience in process control and instrumentation in crystal growth.

Our in-depth understanding of crystal growth is based on our views and experiences on heat transfer mechanisms, electro-magnetism, melt and gas behaviors, stresses, and defects, an on large range of high-temperature materials and their mechanical and thermal properties, including graphite, graphite composites, insulating materials, metals and ceramics. We actively communicate with crystal growth furnace manufacturers, material and component providers, and academia.

In numerical simulations, we utilize most effective open-source software for our customers’ needs. Our combined crystal growth process understanding and expertise in simulations, offer a most unique way to establish a most fruitful communication between the crystal growth process and simulation, understand simulation results and limitations, validate, improve crystal growth process based on simulation results, and transfer ideas achieved from simulations to real-world hot-zone, process control and instrumentation design.